Dumpster Drive revolves around an application, as well as a shared “Dumpster” folder that the application creates on your system .


To begin, open Dumpster Drive, drag it to your applications folder, and open it. Next you’ll specify the location where your “Dumpster” folder will be created. This is the folder in which all files that you delete and download will be passed through.


Files that you drag into this folder can be deleted from your computer using Dumpster Drive. Deleting files in this way is the equivalent of emptying your trash bin (the files will be wiped from your computer). Before each file is deleted from your computer, it is uploaded to a server allowing other Dumpster Drive users to access it.


To  download files that other users have deleted from their system, select the file from the file list within the application, and click “Download File”. These files will be downloaded into your Dumpster folder. When you download a file, it will be removed from the server, making it inaccessible to others.